Personal Training


If you feel tired, lethargic and generally have no energy, you might be thinking that it’s time for a change. You may feel that you’d like to get fit, but don’t know how to optimise your workout. You may want someone to spur you on and encourage you, which is where a personal trainer would come in useful!

Why Is Personal Training Beneficial?

Not only is personal training a great way to lose weight, but with the help of your trainer you can rapidly target those problem areas, toning them quickly and efficiently.

Having a personal trainer encouraging you to exercise and showing you not only the right exercises to do for your particular body shape (enabling you to lose weight and tone up faster) but the right way to do them as well. This will help you to avoid injury and carry on losing weight healthily.

Personal training is on a one to one basis, meaning that your personal trainer can take the time to find out what exercises will be most beneficial for you. They are then able to tailor these workouts to best suit your lifestyle and fitness level, meaning that you can get the most out of your training sessions.

What If I Feel Uncomfortable At The Gym?

Here at Hydro Fitness Solutions, our Fitness Director Ryan Graham not only focuses on water based exercise, such as our revolutionary Hydrospin classes, but has experienced success with his personal training sessions too (see Ann’s Story below).

These training sessions are popular due to the fact that they often take place in a private gym in Staffordshire. This means that clients feel more comfortable and can enjoy and concentrate solely on the workouts!

Where Can I Find Out More Details?

You can email us at with any enquiries or call us directly on 01538 755377 for pricing and availability.