Hydro Fitness Classes


Hydrorider Aqua Cycling

Hydrorider Aquacycling is our most popular aquatic fitness concept that the nation is going crazy for. Using the Hydrorider range of Aquabikes this class takes studio cycling to a whole new level with the pool as your studio. With unique gravity defying riding positions and constant water resistance for both lower and upper body movements Aquacycling is the complete body workout.

Aquacycling helps to combine the massaging effects of water on the body to alleviate soreness in the muscles during exercise and the reduces the build up of toxins created curing a session. Aquacycling helps to reduce cellulite whilst improving skin appearance and burning fat.

  • Burn up to 900 calories in a 45 minute session
  • Delivers an upper and lower body workout
  • Enables unique gravity defying positions only possible in a pool environment
  • Reduces cellulite and burns fat
  • Reduces delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) with a lymphatic massage while you train
  • Perfect for active recovery and rehabillation


Hydropole is a workout you won’t forget, it’s dynamic, dancey, delicious and is designed to focus on muscles in the core you never thought you had. Hydropole uses the resistance of water for a real waistline workout and the buoyancy of the water to replicate gymnastic style flexibility and improve core strength for all participants.

  • Improves core strength and natural posture
  • Increases strength and flexibility
  • Provides a fully suspended waistline workout
  • Helps with cellulite reduction and improves skin condition
  • Delivers a full body workout burning fat as the main fuel source.

The Hydropole training concept has been designed and developed by Water Fitness professionals to be a dynamic, fully functional wet workout with a few flairs of the vertical pole dance element. It is a core conditioning cardiovascular workout in the water with varying intensity for all abilities.


If you’re looking for an aquatic fitness concept that really packs a punch then Hydrofighter could be the fitness concept for you. Designed to adapt land based mixed martial arts and boxing exercises, drills, and routines, this high intensity cardiovascular style of training really gets the heart pumping. Hydrofighter classes can be taught in a manner of ways, with absolutely no additional equipment, with the additional of Hydrofighter aqua boxing mitts, or with Hydrofighter aqua boxing mitts and the Hydrofighter Aqua punch bag.

High energy from the start, this class combines the resistance of the water to deliver a cardio conditioning full body workout. The additional buoyancy of the pool also makes it possible to perform jumping strikes and high kicks using the Hydrostatic pressure of the water for massage and support.

Hydrofighter is a kick ass cardio conditioning workout that is an aquatically adapted MMA and Boxing training system with a huge variety of different styles and exercises to fight with. All our Hydrofighter trainers have martial arts or boxing experience helping to assure you that all striking techniques will be explained effectively. This unique fitness concept improves cardio vascular stamina, co-ordination, timing, strength, speed, flexibility, precision, fights fat, massages aches and pains, reduces cellulite and tightens skin as well as improving muscle tone and shape.


Hydrojump is the water fitness training concept that utilises the Hydrorider Diamond Aqua Jump Aquatic Trampoline. These specially designed trampolines have been made to withstand the water environment and allow all users to feel the benefit of a Hydrojump session.

The water supports the whole body in the spinal region and around the joints, the bed of the trampoline gives an unstable “bouncy” surface that also takes away all knocking impact on joints. Throughout a Hydrojump session participants have to work against the weight of the water and its density to achieve the correct “rebound” technique. The harder we try to get our bounces higher the more the water resists us doing just that.

This class is fun high energy and a great workout for all. Co-ordination, balance, strength, core control, posture, strength, CV, and flexibility gains can be achieved with Hydrojump classes.


Hydrolates has been adapted from pilates style exercises and uses the unique properties of the pool environment to adapt these into a functional and dynamic take on a core, posture and flexibility fitness class.

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New Noodles

The ever old faithful noodle with new ideas for how to use them in the shallow and deep for conditioning core and balance.

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Depth Charge

Depth Charge is a deep water fitness workshop and session designed for confident deep end swimmers. This class incorporates deep water running and exercises to deliver an exhilarating deep water workout.

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Aqua Dance Choreography (ADC)

Aqua Dance Choreography (ADC) is an aquatic session based around music beats and phrase. Using all new age aquatic exercises and progressions, direction changes, and music.

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Aqua High Intensity Interval Training (AHIIT)

Aqua High Intensity Interval Training (AHIIT) uses specially cut intervals music from Pure Energy to make it an aquatic intervals class like no other. Its fast paced and high energy from the start. Intervals may vary on your tutor or presenters mood.

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