Benefits of Water Fitness



For those class members whose goals focus upon cardio-vascular improvement these are thoroughly challenging exercises. The properties of water create natural resistances which make your muscles work at a higher intensity than similar movements in air – making it easier to work harder.

However, you don’t need to worry if you are fit enough to experience HYDROCYCLING classes as the unique feature of the HYDRORIDER Aquabike is its variable resistance facility letting you decrease the resistance of the Aquabike prior to a class beginning so you can even bring your granny along!

The HYDRORIDER Aquabike’s versatility can be seen through the numerous seating positions and arm exercises employed during a class. HYDROCYCLING classes make you use both your upper and lower body at the same time allowing for a total body work-out. The HYDRORIDER Aquabike can be pedalled backwards making you use rarely used muscles leaving you aching in places you’ve never felt before!!!

Health & Wellbeing

Exercise in water and especially on the HYDRORIDER Aquabike improves your overall well-being not simply your cardio-vascular fitness, leaving you feelinginvigorated and stress free. Beyond improving your cardio-vascular fitness, your general health may improve, reducing your resting heart rate and blood pressure levels.

Water creates a massage effect, increasing the lymph flow in the body part that you’re moving helping you rid the area of toxins and can help make your skin appear healthier. The additional lymph flow also reduces your chances of infection and likelihood of falling ill making you feel generally healthier.

After a few weeks of HYDROCYCLING classes you may find your reactions and motor skills improving as most exercises use opposing limbs. Some participants may feel averse to exercising in water due to their own aesthetic awareness however between the guidelines of what to wear and the class taking part at a depth covering a large portion of your body (approximately up to the middle of your chest) and the availability of single sex classes all members may feel comfortable in their own skin.

Weight Loss

Simply put participants will lose weight faster when exercising in water than on land.

There are three primary reasons why weight loss increases:

  1. There is a constant resistance in water resisting the full range of all movements not simply the downward force of gravity experienced during land based exercise.
  2. There is a higher energy demand from muscles to perform movements in water than in air
  3. The main fuel for aquatic exercise is body fat.


Possibly the most important capacity of the HYDRORIDER Aquabike is its benefits to limbs and joints. The HYDRORIDER Aquabike allows you to take part in a class and receive the benefits of exercise whilst not damaging but strengthening your weakened joints and/or limbs.

As mentioned above the properties of water allow you to benefit from exercise in a number of ways but specifically they may benefit limbs and joints through:

  1. The Buoyancy effect of water
    1. The impact on your joints is reduced to the point where it can almost be removed.
    2. Flexibility around a joint can be increased and the water supports all the joints in the body.
    3. Provides support for those with special medical conditions such as arthritis and those with joint alignment problems
  2. Density of water
    1. Risk of injury to ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints is dramatically reduced because they are supported by the density.