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We at Hydro Fitness Solutions are always looking to recruit dedicated, motivated and enthusiastic individuals to join our team.

We value the personality and teaching ability of our trainers as highly as their qualifications. If you find yourself engaging with our aqua philosophy and wish to join our team here’s what we are looking for:

How To Become a HFS Trainer

As stated above in order to become a HFS trainer we will assess the suitability of your personality as much as the contents of your CV! A background in fitness is recommended and an aqua qualification would be an advantage but we welcome all enquiries from enthusiastic, committed, outgoing individuals who would like to become part of our team. A successful applicant will find joining our team a highly rewarding experience leading a truly unique class. With the support of our exclusive Aqua Audio System (AAS) and other HFS approved equipment our trainers enjoy leading classes with the full support of all of our resources.

HFS trainers will travel to various swimming pool facilities and teach in various environments ending the monotony of teaching the same classes to the same people! As such we require trainers to have a driving licence. Trainers who display a genuine talent and enjoyment in teaching our classes also have opportunities to excel within our organisation becoming part of our Hydro Fitness Solutions Training Team (HFSTT). The HFSTT is our elite training team, each member being qualified as a Master Trainer.

As part of being a member of the HFSTT, members shall regularly be invited to take part in conventions across the country giving them the opportunity to gain recognition from industry peers and ultimately leading to them becoming aqua presenters.

No matter at what level an applicant wishes to engage they will feel welcome and a valued as part of our talented team.

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