About Us


We operate our Hydrospin classes in various locations across the UK with our main locations being in the Midlands where our Head Office is situated and also in Scotland and Wales.

The map to the right shows various locations of where we hold or run sessions and master classes, but as we are a fast growing company new locations for events are added on a weekly basis.

If you would like more information on our classes or details of where you can find a class local to yourself then contact us on 01538 755377 where we will be more than happy to help.

Hydro Fitness Solutions, a trading partner of Ryan Group Limited, commenced trading in December 2008. Our mission is not only to offer alternative, fun options of group exercise classes in water, but also to demonstrate that they are more effective and less straining on the body than land based exercises.

We first discovered the Aquabike in Summer 2008 at a fitness convention in Germany. We were particularly attracted to Hydrospin classes and the HYDRORIDER Aquabike. Immediately we were impressed with the Aquabike’s versatility both in terms of the exercises available and the various pool environments in which the Aquabike could be utilised.

From here we began researching Aqua Fitness and Aquabikes. We discovered that unlike in the UK, the Aqua industry was flourishing in Europe and North America with specifically designed aqua fitness pools and an extensive range of other associated equipment and products available.

We perceived the UK to have great scope for the development of Aqua Fitness with Hydrospin classes as the primary mechanism for its growth.

Following further research into the availability of Aquabikes we deduced that the HYDRORIDER was the premier Aquabike within the industry, boasting superior performance, functionality, durability, reliability and value for money and secured the UK distributorship.